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We are a member of the Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates, abbreviated VDP and one of 35 VDP winegrowers in the Rheingau. Our origin lies in Assmannshausen in the lower Rheingau, where the Rhine valley becomes narrower and the vineyards steeper.

This is where the cultural landscape of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley begins, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. The winery and most of our vineyards are situated in the middle of this dreamlike scenery with fascinating views of former customs castles and imposing steep slopes, such as the Assmannshäuser Höllenberg. During the summer season you can also reach us by chair lift - from the Niederwalddenkmal in Rüdesheim past the Höllenberg down to Assmannshausen.

chair lift vinyard Assmannshausen Hoellenberg

On the steep soils, characterised by quartzite and clay slate, the predominant grape variety around Assmannshausen is mainly Pinot Noir. However, we have not only specialised in the production of high-quality red wines (Pinot Noir), but also have first-class Riesling sites in the lower and middle Rheingau.

All our vineyard sites are classified VDP.ERSTE LAGEN® and VDP.GROSSE LAGEN® (Premier and Grand Cru vineyard sites). All grapes for our wines, from our Grosse Gewächse (Grands Crus) as well as for our "Dailys" origin from these vineyards. Today, the winery with its 33 hectares of vineyards is managed by a team of passionate experts with high quality standards and a consistent philosophy.

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Make an appointment for a wine tasting in our winery or book our moderated wine tasting tour on a boat - from Assmannshausen to the Loreley and back again, past countless castles and past our steepest vineyards in Assmannshausen and Lorch.

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We are convinced that every vineyard site has its own individual characteristics, which have to be worked out in the cultivation. This requires on the one hand a high degree of knowledge and understanding for each individual vineyard location and on the other hand each vineyard site must be treated absolutely individually.

This is the only way to get the best out of every vineyard site and to highlight the unique character of the site and the grape variety - and finally bring it to the bottle. There is always one thing that applies:


By the separate vinification of each individual site, up to the smallest parcel of land, we can preserve the individual typicity as long as possible and blend these in the wine cellar to a multifaceted, multi-layered and nevertheless perfectly balanced wine. We call this the perfect assemblage (composition).

Due to the individual vinification of the vineyards and the combination of stainless steel tanks and French oak barrels (barriques) during vinification, we manage to ensure that our wines deliver consistent quality and recognisable style year after year despite individual vintage differences - filigree and puristic wines that are reflected in our design.

We only produce premium wines - even in the lower price segment. What is the reason for this? On the one hand, this is due to the fact that we only own classified VDP.ERSTE LAGEN® and VDP.GROSSE LAGEN® and, on the other hand, we only produce premium wines in line with our own quality standards - and this also applies to the entry level. For this reason, even the grapes for our "Dailys" origin from Premier Crus and sometimes even from Grands Crus vineyard sites. We call this Premium at the entry price.

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