The team

August Kesseler


August Kesseler uses his experience in wine production to effectively co­or­di­nate the skills of his team members. If you can’t find him in the vineyard or in the cellar, you are guaranteed to find him consulting with one of his clients from all over the globe: “I’m a winemaker through and through! And I’m very convinced of the quality of our teamwork, which makes it truly enjoyable to spend time with my clients – whether in New York, London or Frank­furt”.

  Beate Kesseler


Beate Kesseler is a born lawyer. One might think that would make her hard-headed and businesslike, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Beate is the very soul of the team. She’s always there when anyone needs her and she makes sure to keep the ambiance of the vineyard inviting and comfortable: “The most important thing for me is that our clients feel welcome and that they get a sense that they are our personal guests”.

Tina Elliger

Tina has been the secretary at Au­gust Kes­se­ler for many years now. She knows every detail about the operation and is always there to answer any questions, whether they’re posed by her team colleagues or by the many clients of the vineyard: “When our customers pay us a personal visit, they always feel the positive atmosphere here right away”.

Max Himstedt


Max is a bio­che­mi­st and winegrowing engineer who is most at home in the vineyard. If he’s not there, then you’ll probably find him in the wine cellar. His downright ingenious strength lies in the growth of Pinot Noirs and the dry and elegantly sweet Ries­lin­gs: “I live for wine and I’m quite obsessed with quality. I think people notice that in our wines”.

Endre Kása


No other person puts as much loving and devoted care into the 22.5 hect­ares of vineyard as Endre. On his daily drive home from Ass­manns­hau­sen to Lorch, he doesn’t take the fast route along the Rhine; instead, he takes the slower road through the vineyards. “Why? Because I love the wine and the grapes and truly enjoy the drive through the vineyards”.

Simon Batarseh


Simon is an oenologist from Gei­sen­heim University. He works with tremendous passion in the cellar and the vineyard, and he is also responsible for fostering the international development of the vineyard. For Simon, his work at the Au­gust Kes­se­ler Vineyard involves “truly living the Rü­des­heim, Ass­manns­hau­sen and Lorch ter­ro­ir and thereby fully unleashing our love for the Pinot Noir and the Ries­ling at the highest level!”.

Sebastian Mac Lachlan


Er ist unser Ass im Ärmel – nicht nur, wenn es um die Gastronomie geht. Als Sommelier ergänzt er das Team perfekt und kann auf ein breites Wissen und jahrelange Erfahrung in der Spitzengastronomie zurückgreifen. Im Vertrieb betreut er unsere Kunden so dienstleistungsorientiert wie kein Zweiter! „Mein Anspruch ist es unseren Kunden den besten Service zu bieten – auch außerhalb des Weingutes!

Anna Schwarz


Die Technikerin für Weinbau & Önologie betreut den Vertrieb Privatkunden und ist auf dem Weingut dafür zuständig, dass rund um unsere Pinot Noir und Rieslinge auch das Marketing passt. Erfahrung dafür hat die gelernte Winzerin allerhand gesammelt. Ihr Fazit daraus: „Wein ist pure Emotion und ich freue mich riesig, wenn Leute sich von meiner Leidenschaft anstecken lassen und diese teilen – das ist mir ganz wichtig!“